Braata's Caribbean Play Reading Series

Start Date: February 04, 2017

End Date: February 04, 2017

Respond By: February 04, 2017

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Directors: Shirley Parkinson-Wright, Kenrick Prince, & Karl O'Brian Williams

Readers: Mitzie Pratt, Carlene Taylor, Vivienne Bent, Jovaun Black, Norval Gayle & Karl O'Brian Williams

In Queens:

Fun Home by Kesha Issac-Adams, Garvey's Wives by Dahlia Harris & Trapped by Amba Chevannes are 3 short plays in development that each delve into powerful isssues that straddle the personal & political.

"Trapped" looks at the decision to abort

"Garvey's Wives" looks at the powerful women who did the work with the man, without much credit.

"Fun Home" looks at a very dark side of the mother-son relationship

In Brooklyn:

We go to the lighter side of life with Aston Cooke's "Single Entry," on Feb. 12th. This work sheds light on one aspect of the Jamaican immigrant experience.

Readings will be followed by discussion & remember both events are free and open to the public.

About Braata Productions

Braata Productions A Caribbean performing arts company in NY showcasing Caribbean folk music, arts, theatre, culture. Braata Productions Inc is New York State, 501(c) 3 Professional
Arts Corporation. Braata, the name is a Jamaican colloquial term meaning ‘extra’ or ‘more’ and this is what this company aspires to do by giving its supporters, and audiences something more at all times.